Attention Builders and Contractors!

Attention Builders and Contractors!

“Real” Custom and High Quality

“I have been selling and installing these RTA Cabinets for 15 years, starting with the cabinets I bought and installed in my own home. Renovating and remodeling homes in the Houston area, I have seen countless cabinets, both manufactured and built-in-place. I have also investigated the variety of manufactured cabinets available for several years. I have never seen cabinets with this level of quality. Period.” Frank Cervenka Owner/Manager CQR Custom RTA Cabinets

Builders and Contractors; if you are looking for cheap cabinets, or good cabinets at a low cost; that’s not us. Some of our business practices mean that we are not real competitive when the need is for common designs, standard sizes, limited colors or “acceptable quality”. However; we excel and are very competitive when it comes to custom materials, designs, finishes and exceptional quality.  It’s difficult, sometimes, for people to equate RTA Cabinets with “top-of-the-line” cabinets. That IS us!

We have cabinet designs that are considered “standard” and we can customize those standard cabinets often with no added cost. We can also build completely custom cabinets that we draw up to your specifications. If we can draw it, we can build it.

Catalogs of our products are found under “Information/References”. Feel free to download or email me with requests for hard copies.


CQR Custom RTA Cabinets offers discounts to builders and contractors for repeat business.

Builders and Contractors will be offered a discount on their second order and all orders after. The discount will be 10% on all orders of $5,000 and over. Discount will be based on the cabinet cost, not including taxes and shipping fees.

Builders and Contractors that present multiple orders of the same cabinets, configuration, designs, etc. Should inquire about further discounts based on quantities.

“Now I know that some cabinet suppliers are offering 35%, 40%, even 50% off to entice some customers to order from them, but, my question is: “50% off of what?” Doesn’t that indicate that their cabinets are massively overpriced? If they can still make a profit giving cabinets away for 50%, then what are they actually worth? Do you have a 50% profit margin? I sure don’t! Our cabinets are not cheap, but they’re worth every penny.”

Sales Tax

Builders and Contractors that have a sales tax exemption will be required to submit a Sales Tax Resale Certificate (or forms applicable to their state requirements) for CQR records. Sales tax will be charged and collected until the appropriate forms have been submitted.

Cabinet Design

CQR will work with your designer, architect, cabinet installer, general contractor, etc, or; we can create the entire design.

Obviously to do this we will need information. You may submit to us any blueprints, drawings, sketches and/or photos you have to work from. Visit our “Get a Quote” page and fill-out the request form with as much information as you may have. We will provide a layout and cabinet list and send that with our estimate to be reviewed and approved or corrected.

If you want elevation drawings and/or 3D illustrations, we will provide those based on an approved layout. These will cost $350 payable on request.

Benefits of RTA Cabinets

If it isn’t clear yet; we sell RTA Cabinets. These are pre-manufactured cabinets that ship to you needing assembly. Assembly is relatively easy with only a minimum amount of skill required. Assembly instructions are available for all cabinets on request. For more information see “What is a Custom RTA Cabinet?”

Because our cabinets are pre-manufactured and finished at the factory, the time on-site for assembly and installation is greatly reduced as compared to cabinets built-in-place. We will have a smaller impact on your project and timeline. Factory made cabinets (especially ours) are made with exacting tolerances on dimensions, high quality select materials and excellent finishes that are not possible on cabinets built-in-place. All of these things mean that there are practically no mistakes, patchwork or repairs. These cabinets are exact on widths and depths, resulting in straight, square and sturdily constructed cabinets. But, should it happen, there is also a one year warranty on any workmanship or material issues with the cabinets and our factory is the best at responding quickly, without fuss, to remedy any situation.

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