Bottom Treatments

Bottom Treatments

Looking for something different? Something special to accent your new cabinets. Try modifying the bottoms of your base cabinets with some stylish flair. A change from the ordinary my be just what you need to set your kitchen, bathroom or other cabinetry apart from the crowd.

Below are some of the options available.

The Flush Toe is an extension of the face frame to the floor, eliminating the toe space. Not recommended for frequently used cabinets as the purpose of the toe space is to keep from scuffing up the frame while standing at the cabinet. Can work well with and oven cabinet.

The Recessed Toe Space usually is reserved for end cabinets and works well to hide the toe boards or base boards.

The Shaped Bottom Rail is a flush toe with a profile shape cut into it. These shapes are also available for the sides.

The Leg Extension is an extension of the side stile to the floor. It can be used for either side or both. It does not eliminate the toe space but does hide it from the side(s). This option can be combined with the Shaped Side but not the others.