What does a Quality RTA Cabinet look like?

What does a Quality RTA Cabinet look like?

Quality RTA Cabinet Frame and Box materials should be solid wood and furniture grade plywood. Particle board or MDF are sub-standard.

Particle Board Boxes
Plywood Boxes

Quality RTA Cabinet Corner joints should be solid mitered or mortise and tenon joints with no gaps or misalignment.

Gap Issues

Quality RTA Cabinet Drawers should be fully extended and 21″ deep for kitchen and 18″ deep for vanities.

Partial Extended
Full Extension

Quality RTA Cabinet Drawer slides should be ball bearing, side or undermount, soft-close, full extension slides. Two per drawer.

Single Slide
Single Slide
Roller Slides
Roller Slides
Undermount Soft-close
Undermount Soft-close
Side Mount - Soft Close
Side Mount – Soft-close

Quality RTA Cabinet Drawer boxes should be made from solid wood and constructed with dovetailed joints not brads, staples, screws or brackets.

Brads in Drawer
Screwed Drawer Box
Dovetailed Drawer Box

Quality RTA Cabinet Drawer bottoms should never be stapled to the bottom of the drawer. Bottoms should be 1/4″ or 1/2″ hardwood plywood inserted into a slot during assembly.

Stapled Drawer Box

Quality RTA Cabinet boxes should have full 1/2″ plywood backs, not 1/4″ covers or top and bottom mounting strips.

Thin Backs
1/4″ Backs
Full Backs

Quality RTA Cabinet boxes should be assembled with dovetailed joints or rabbet joints or tongue and groove, not with butt joints held with brackets, cam-locks, or screws.

Plastic Corners
Screwed Boxes
Screw Assembly
Metal Clips
Metal Clips

Quality RTA Cabinet Shelves should be solid wood or plywood, not particle board or MDF.

Particle Board Shelves
Solid Wood Shelf

Quality RTA Cabinet interiors should be finished with a natural (or other) stain and a protective clear coat.

Prefinished Interior

Our cabinets come STANDARD with:

  • Solid wood frames, doors and drawer fronts
    • 23 wood species available
  • 1/2″ Furniture-Grade birch plywood boxes with full 1/2″ plywood backs
  • Sizes customizable to 1/16″ on most cabinets
  • Literally hundreds of stains and colors and glazes to choose from
  • Dovetail, dado and rabbit construction- no screws, plastic or camlocks
  • Plywood or solid wood shelf options
  • >200 Door and drawer designs
  • >200 cabinet designs
  • Dovetail constructed drawer boxes in birch, maple, beech or walnut
  • Blum soft-close hidden door hinges
  • Full extension, undermount, ball bearing, soft-close drawer slides
  • Customizing and accessory options you have to see to believe!!!

CQR Custom RTA Cabinets

Absolutely the finest cabinets you’re going to find anywhere!!!

Call us for an appointment and free estimate: (713) 408-4418

CQR Custom RTA Cabinets proudly sells

Conestoga Wood Specialties, solid wood RTA cabinets.

100% made in the USA.

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