Product Warranty

Standard 1 Year Warranty:
• All products are warranted for one year from date of purchase.
• This warranty is limited to defects in material or workmanship.
• Conestoga’s (and therefore, CQR’s) warranty is limited solely to the value of the original materials purchased from Conestoga/CQR and is further limited to the purchase price paid for the materials. In summary, replacements are limited to the value of the damaged/poor quality product. Neither Conestoga nor CQR will be responsible for extraneous materials, labor, travel costs, installation expenses or other related expenditures.
• Damage or failure due to misuse, abuse, faulty installation, improper care and use, improper storage, acts of God or other circumstances out of our control are not covered under the warranty.
• Natural characteristics (burls, grain patterns, pin knots, mineral deposits, sap, etc) that fall within Conestoga’s specifications will not be considered defects. Note: Conestoga makes the determination as to what is in spec and is therefore acceptable. Not the customer and not CQR.
• Most wood species, particularly Cherry, will darken with age. Conestoga is not liable for the slight change in appearance of any product, finished or unfinished, due to this aging process. Results of aging will be more obvious in light or natural finishes.
• Mitered doors allow a .010″ gap at the inside corner/bead
• Mitered doors are not warrantied against joint separations that occur as a result of excessive humidity.
• Veneered panel doors are not guaranteed to match solid wood framing on the door in either raw or finished state.
• Solid wood molding may differ from doors of the same specie
• Because the individual staves of the panel continue to contract and expand, lines many appear on solid wood panels and offsets may develop from one stave to another. These will not be considered defective. To eliminate the chance of stave offsets, Conestoga recommends utilizing
an MDF panel option when using painted finishes.
• Vertical grain panels that exceed 22″ wide by 43-15/16″ high or horizontal grain panels that exceed 43-15/16″ wide by 22″ high in either single or multi-panel products are not warranted against expansion, warping, cracking or open framing joints.
• Conestoga will warrant one piece products against expansion, warping or cracking if they are within the following parameters:
• Product up to 12″ wide and 21-15/16″ high will be warranted if the expansion or warping is greater than 1/8″.
• If the product measures between 12-1/16″ to 22″ in width, or 22″ to 43-15/16″ in height, it will
be warranted if the expansion or warping is greater than 1/4″.
• Any one piece product exceeding 22″ in width or 43-15/16″ in height will not be warranted.
• All solid wood three-piece drawer fronts over 44″ wide or 14″ high are not warranted against expansion, warping, cracking of panels or cracked joints.
• Conestoga expressly disclaims any and all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, including all warranties of merchantability and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose with respect to its products.
• Allowable tolerances of bow, warp or twist for single panel, multi-panel, frame only and mullion doors are as follows:
• Single panel up to 26″ wide and 48″ high = 1/8″.
• Multi-panel up to 26″ wide and 48-1/16″ to 64-15/16″ high = 1/4″.
• Multi-panel up to 26″ wide and 65″ to 83-15/16″ high = 5/16″.
• Single panel, single opening frame only and mullion doors over 26″ wide and 48″ high will not be warranted (mullion lites not to be included in opening count).
• Any door exceeding 26″ wide or 83-15/16″ high will not be warranted.
• Hardware from Blum (Conestoga uses Blum hinges and drawer glides as well as some other items) carries a lifetime warranty. However, the customer must file their warranty directly with Blum once Conestoga’s one year warranty is over. Information on how to claim a warranty for Blum products after the one year warranty has expired can be found in your hardware pack or contact your CQR sales rep and they can forward you the claim process.
• All warranty claims must be processed through CQR (except for Blum warranty claims after one year, as mentioned above)