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CQR Custom RTA Cabinets is proud to sell Absolutely the finest Cabinets you will find anywhere! Solid Wood, Fully Custom, 100% Made in the USA with the largest selection of materials and designs in the business!

Whether you are building new or remodeling your existing home, Custom RTA Cabinets from CQR are the right choice for you. DIY or have a contractor do it for you. Either way, you get the best of both quality and price.

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1. Find your door style

Search through almost 200 different designs for your doors and drawer fronts. Consider different styles for upper and lower cabinets. Consider mixing features from one to another. That’s what Custom means!!

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2. Select your Materials

Browse these selections and decide on your door and frame materials. We offer wood species the others haven’t even heard of.

Link to Paint and stain options

3. Choose a Finish

We have dozens of standard paint colors, hundreds of Stain and Glaze combinations as well as most of Sherwin-Williams colors. We can even do a color-matching if needed.

4. Incorporate different Cabinets Designs

Identify cabinet designs that you would like to include such as Lazy Susan Corners, Refrigerator cabinets or 4 Drawer Bases. All of these units can be custom sized to 1/16″ of an inch at no additional costs. We can also manufacture a completely unique custom piece.

5. Consider Cabinets Options

We can add decorative fronts and sides, side panels, extended frames and more.

6. Identify Interior Storage Items

Most interior storage items can be added to cabinets after installation, however; there are some that require a specific cabinet type or size to accommodate them. We need to know about those for the design.

Link to molding and trim, decorative features

7. Let’s add some Decorative Features to your Cabinets

Would you like crown molding, light rail, legs/posts or other decorative items?

8. And finally….Vent Hoods

Who doesn’t want a vent hood? We offer a large choice of wood vent hoods designed to match your cabinets.

9. Contact US!!

That’s most of it, but not all of it. We are not an online store. You can’t order a cabinet from this website. If you would like to obtain quote/estimate for a unique and customized cabinet design; call us at 713-408-4418 or send an email

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