Typically cabinets are either “standard”, “semi-custom” or “custom”.

Standard cabinets are of common designs, standard heights and depths with widths in 3″ increments from 9″ to 39″. Some manufacturers carry more variety of configurations than others, but most are the same. “In-stock” cabinets are of the standard variety.

Semi-Standard cabinets are standard cabinets that the manufacturer offers with a variety of woods, paints, stains and dimensions selected by the customer. Semi-standard cabinets are not “in-stock”. Some manufacturers offer more options than others.

Custom cabinets are not standard cabinets. As well as a large variety of options to select from, the option to design a completely unique configuration is what Custom cabinets are about.

We manufacture all three. Below are descriptions of our Standard Cabinets and the Semi-Standard options that apply to each. Contact us with requests for Custom cabinets.

Base Cabinets