Materials and Finishes

Wood Species Choices – We offer 21 different species of wood to give your cabinets that custom look. Choose the warmth and beauty of closed grain woods or the bolder style of open grain and rustic woods

Hand Wiped Stains – All wiping stains are applied using hand rubbed application. The process provides superior grain penetration of the finish material and a greater degree of depth.

Truetone Stains – Truetones are lightly pigmented, low solids spray stains with a sealer and conversion varnish applied. They give a very clean look with minimal blotchiness.

Paint Colors – Choose from the Colourtones or Prism paint programs. Both are opaque, high solid, pigmented basecoats and are catalyzed before application. Both receive a clear coat of conversion varnish.

Alternative Surfaces – These alternative to stains and paints include: Decorative Laminate Veneer (DLV), Parapan (Acrylic), High Gloss (PET, PET-G, UV Lacquer), and Thermo Textured Surfaces (TTS).