With CQR Custom RTA Cabinets high-end remodelers and custom home builders have more than just a supplier. CQR can be an indispensable part of your organization as a cabinet design sub-contractor. We will work with you to create designs that will help you sell your project and budget cost estimates to ensure your job is priced right.

The quality of our cabinet design, materials and workmanship will enhance your ability to install the project easily and on schedule with a minimum of on-site issues to address.

High-end Remodeling Contractors and Custom Home Builders want the highest quality cabinets as part of their offering but, they also want great design and reliable after-sale support. Custom RTA Cabinets from CQR are the right choice for you to give your customers the best.

Start by sending us your building plans or project sketches and completing the Request for Quote.

We will work up a design for you to use with your customer to help close the sale. Title blocks will be customized with your company name and reference to your customer’s project or address for that personal touch.

Once the design has been established and the cost estimate agreed to; we will provide elevations, layouts and a cabinet schedule along with a formal quote.

A Final Design and Quote will be sent to you for approval. Once signed and returned an invoice will be sent with payment instructions.

CQR does not assemble or install cabinets. We do offer our customers lists of contractors and installers in their areas that they can contract to assemble and install the cabinets they have purchased from us.

If you would like to be included on this list, with no obligations to CQR, nor CQR to you; click the link and fill out the request form.

THIS IS NOT a job offer. It is not a promise of future work or any promotion by CQR. The list is provided to CQR customers as a reference for the customer to choose to contact the contractor for a possible contract to assemble and install cabinets that they have purchased from CQR. There is no obligation on the part of either CQR or the contractor to one another and CQR accepts no liability for the workmanship or behavior of either the contractor or the customer.