Contractor Information

CQR Custom RTA Cabinets is compiling a list of Contractors in your area to provide to it’s customers as possible installers of it’s cabinet line. If you are interested in being on our list and have experience installing RTA cabinetry, please complete the information form and send it to us. We will be in touch soon.


This is NOT an offer for employment nor a guarantee of any sort for work, now or in the future. CQR will perform a minimal background check and, if qualified, you will be listed as a local installer that our customers can contact with inquiries regarding installation of the cabinets they have purchased from us. Additions to and/or removals from the list are at the sole discretion of CQR Custom RTA Cabinet management, with, or without, cause.

Customers will be responsible for contracting any person or company on this list without any input or regard for CQR. Contractors on the list will not be compensated, nor owe any compensation to, CQR for any work obtained by being included on this list. CQR Custom RTA Cabinets is not responsible in any way for the actions of those contractors on the list or the customers that choose to contact them. Contractors will have the proper type and amount of insurance to cover any situation for which they have contracted and will not hold CQR liable for any incident or result thereof.

Contractors on the list may not use the name of, nor claim affiliation to, CQR Custom RTA Cabinets in the selling, securing or execution of it’s contracts, including any advertising.